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Ebru has a bachelor of science. Began her career in 1997 in an international company and was responsible for achieving sales, quality, profit goals and managing people operations. She has been working in Telecommunications Company for over than 12 years and she has worked at different levels and areas in sales organization as performance, compensation and sales support functions and had role in the merger of the company, she continued her career in Change Management office. After her deep experience in execution she has volunteered to take the responsibility as a change agent to find out and realize different initiatives to make company more agile. Her company is practising agile in software development, Ebru started an initiative in experimenting agile in non tech functions in the company. She tried agile, Scrum, Kanban pilots in corporate sales, customer care projects, Human resources recruitment and corporate dealer channel. For the company to be agile she offered the Management to set up Agile Studio, an internal coaching and development center. She is one of the founders of Agile Studio and actively working as an agile coach at the Studio. At the studio she has developed competency programs for scrum masters, product owners, teams, giving Kanban, Scrum trainings to the company people, trying to expand the Agile way of working to the colleagues, coaching sales teams, IT operations and software development teams and customer care teams. And now she is working with Agile 42 as an agile coach.

Certificazioni: CSM, CSP