Webinar: Archetypes: mapping organization, culture and leadership

17 juni 2020

Webinar met agile42 coach Giuseppe De Simone.

Data 17 juni 2020
Tijd 12:00 pm Central European Time
Taal Engels
Gastheer/vrouw Giuseppe De Simone
The empirical evidence agile42 has got from multiple client engagements supports the theory that ideal characteristics of a leader are based on archetypes, ideal types of what an organization should look like and their underlying culture, and has led us to observe a very strong relationship between leadership attitude, organizational design, and organizational culture. The idea behind ORGANIC leadership is that there isn’t any right or wrong leadership behavior, but rather there are behaviors that one can master, and can be appropriately called upon in specific situations within a specific culture: if a leadership behavior doesn’t correspond to the cultural expectations of the people involved, will very likely cause a negative emotional response, and potentially increase motivational debt.

In this webinar we will give you an overview of different Archetypes that are expressed under specific conditions and bring leadership behavior, organizational design and organizational culture together. We will also explore some some methods within the ORGANIC agility framework, that allow to recognize the Archetype to which an organization can be mapped at a given moment in time, and provide guidance for transitioning to a different archetype, while increasing coherence between culture, organizational design and leadership behaviors.

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