Certified ORGANIC Leadership® Advanced classes (provides CAL II)

3 mei 2021

Een training op afstand met agile42 coach Andrea Tomasini. Deze training resulteert in een Scrum Alliance CAL2 certificaat.

Type training Certified ORGANIC Leadership® Advanced classes (provides CAL II)
Data Van 3 mei 2021 tot 5 mei 2021 (3 dagen)
Locatie Virtual classroom (Europe)
Tijd 09:00-16:00
Tijdzone: Europe/Berlin (zie hier voor je lokale tijdzone)
Taal Engels
Trainer Andrea Tomasini
Prijs Early Bird tot 5 april 2021: 2200 € + VAT
Standaard prijs: 2400 € + VAT
Beschikbaarheid Nog plaatsen vrij
The ORGANIC agility Advanced Class: Leadership, Organization & Strategy for change meet the awareness & discovery credential certified by the Scrum Alliance for Agile Leadership (CAL II)

The first 2 workshops of the 3 advanced classes provide a deep dive on the topics of the Foundation class: Leadership & Organization. The third session focuses on Strategy for Change.

Please note: CAL II requires an active combination of two or more of CAL-E, CAL-T, or CAL-O, as well as successful completion of our Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership II program with a Scrum Alliance Certified Educator. In addition, if you hold the non-expiring CAL-I credential, this serves in the place of two or more of the new CAL-E, CAL-T, or CAL-O certifications.

ORGANIC agility Advanced: Leadership (1 day)

This is a deep dive into the ORGANIC Leadership framework, focusing on exploring Leadership attitudes, roles and archetypes as well as the principles 1 and 2 of ORGANIC agility. The training will move from low level autonomy archetypes towards higher level autonomy ones, and introduce tools to support the transition between them, in particular for: Conflict resolutions, Collaborative decision making (using Cynefin), Constructive Feedback & Story crafting.

ORGANIC agility Advanced: Organization (1 day)

This is a deep dive into principles 3 and 5 of ORGANIC agility. Starting from the value delivery perspective, methods such as Value Stream Discovery and Competency Mapping will be introduced and analyzed with concrete examples. The deep dive will include practical exercises and application of the methods to sample case studies allowing for practical application and interactive learning.

ORGANIC agility Advanced: Strategy for Change (1 day)

This is a deep dive into principle 4 of ORGANIC agility. The focus will be in understanding how to explore and exploit, how to use the Strategy Map framework to guide activities within your organization (operating model) and support change and continuous evolution (change management) in a meaningful way. The deep dive will include practical exercises based on sample case studies to experience the application of the frameworks.

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