Leadership in the world of today: an introduction to agile leadership

2900 kr + moms (slutsumma 3625 kr)

Training Topics:

  • Why resilience and agility are required for a rapidly changing world
  • How to map organization, culture and leadership using archetypes
  • How leaders can adopt multi-dimensional leadership effectively

Date & Time:

  • Save the date 15.6.2022
  • See you from 9:00 – 12:00 CEST

Trainer & language: 

10 i lager


Agile leadership is the ability to flexibly use different approaches to lead depending on the context and the group of people we are supposed to lead in that specific context.

So while an agile organization needs agile leaders, agile leadership is what any organization which wants to succeed in the world of today needs to look at. In this context, leadership becomes an organizational ability to build, because we all happen to be leaders or followers in different contexts.

This 3-hours workshop brings awareness and understanding of the foundations of agile leadership and will help you grow your leadership capabilities so that you can start to see the connections between what we do and the effect these actions have on our organizational culture, our environment and ourselves as leaders.

The workshop is presented in a highly interactive and collaborative format with elements of lecture, classroom discussion, exercises and simulations, smoothly blended.