Personal data consent for certification

To be considered for certification, your trainer must send your Personal Data to Mauvius Group Inc, DBA Kanban University. These extracts have been highlighted from the Privacy Policy effective August 27, 2019. Please check the full Privacy Policy of Kanban University at

Given name(s):
Family name(s):
Personal email address:
Course:KMP I training Monday April 04 to Wednesday April 06, 2022 Remote

We [Kanban University] use your personal data provided to us by affiliated trainers to:

  • issue class certificates and credentials;
  • send email to notify you of how to access your certificates and credentials. The single notification email may contain related offers for class alumni;
  • automatically create a Kanban University alumni website account and profile page;
  • to compile reports and to help us understand and improve our services. Personal data is anonymized in reports so it is not personally identifiable;
We do not use your personal data provided to us by affiliated trainers to solicit you with offers for products and services unless you consent to receive news and offers directly from Kanban University.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at our US office: Kanban University, 200 First Avenue West, Suite 404, Seattle, Washington 98119 United States of America, Attention: Privacy Compliance; or via email ([email protected]).

I agree that my personal data will be shared with Mauvius Group Inc, DBA Kanban University

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