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It’s not only us, it’s everybody

We are all going through difficult times, but we are not going to let these challenges keep us away from being there for our customers. We have 12 years of experience in remote work that we can now mobilize to continue supporting you. Our classes are also going virtual, without sacrificing our trademark engaging and participative approaches, and we will be offering extra open and free webinars. Stay healthy, go remote.


Our remote Services for you

We are impressed by how our clients react to the actual situation and interact with us in remote and virtual ways. All over the world business is going on – different but with a lot of passion, discipline, and motivation.

Please have a look at our virtual certification training, remote in-house training or interactive online workshops.


Self-learning in your home office

agile42 and its partners offer interesting and engaging online training: 

Agilität beginnt aus unterschiedlichen Gründen

Welche sind Ihre?

Starten Sie Ihre individuelle agile Reise in dem Sie das passende Training für sich auswählen.


Wir formen und etablieren agile Teams, die zusammen- und gemeinsam wachsen, um höhere Kundenzufriedenheit zu schaffen.


Ihre agile Transition beginnt mit einer Veränderung der Denkweise und der Unternehmenskultur. Machen Sie Ihre Organisation resilient.

Wie können wir Sie unterstützen?

Agile Unternehmenskultur und Mindset

Wir analysieren und verstehen Ihre aktuelle Kultur und Situation mit Hilfe unseres bewährten Assessments und dem agile42 OrgScan (powered by Sensemaker™).

Agile Strategie

Wir helfen dabei, die passende und damit richtige agile Strategie zu entwicklen, unterstützen so das Erreichen Ihrer Businessziele und etablieren gemeinsam mit Ihnen ein resilientes Unternehmen.

Agile Teams & Rollen

Wir coachen und trainieren alle Rollen, Teams und Ihr Leadershipteam. Und, um Ihren agilen Change nachhaltig zu machen, haben wir ein effektives Train the Trainer / Coach the Coach Programm.

Was sind Ihre Herausforderungen?

  • eine agile Denkweise und eine agile Kultur etablieren
  • effektives Portfolio- und/oder Programmmanagement entwickeln
  • Kundenzufriedenheit erhöhen
  • effiziente Teams, agile Strukturen und optimale Zusammenarbeit schaffen
  • die passende und damit richtige agile Methode finden
  • höhere Performanz, bessere Qualität und schnellere Lieferzeiten erzielen
Training Home with Logos

We offer a number of Scrum Alliance® and Kanban certified courses.


Public Trainings

Remote and on location training

Alle Trainings sind auch als In-House Kurse möglich.

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Dave Sharrock

Agile coach passionate about getting things done; helping teams exceed expectations, delivering organizational excellence, and all while having fun doing what they do.

Active Listening

Notes and video from the webinar run on March 20, 2020

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Pascal Papathemelis

Pascal has worked as an agile project manager/scrum master/facilitator of various developments in size and type for almost two decades. His focus is on people and practical approaches in order to deliver value. Currently Pascal is working at agile42 as an agile coach on a journey to help organisations and individuals grow, improve and become more efficient in a sustainable way.

A message from agile42 at time of COVID-19 epidemic

Our commitment to reducing to the minimum the risk of spreading of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

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Marion Eickmann

I am one of the founders and the executive director at agile42. I have supported strategic product development and leadership development for longer than 15 years. Since 2007 I have been realizing local and global agile projects with agile42's international team successfully. You like to talk about: ORGANIC agility, complexity, resilience, organizational culture & Agile? Just send an email :-)