Design Sprints: The Innovation Method from Google Ventures

This training will introduce you to the Google Ventures Design Sprint Framework, offering you innovative solutions to improve your daily workflow. You will learn the theory of the Design Sprint from industry experts, who will also show you practical, concrete examples to help you apply to your daily work.

Overview: What is a design sprint?

A Design Sprint is a five-phase process (taking place over 4 half day sessions) developed by Google Ventures, which combines the principles of design thinking, business strategy, behaviour science, and innovation. When applied correctly, the process allows you to complete projects that would previously have taken months of back-and-forth in a single week. This allows you to launch new products, enter new markets, develop new features, and more, in a streamlined, cost-effective way.

The course is presented by experts in design thinking and agility and their expertise lies in empowering people with the practical skills they need to be sustainably successful in a digital world. We focus on agile transformation, innovation management, design thinking, and product management.

Target audience

This course is aimed at anyone who has to master complex challenges in their daily lives. This may include Agile coaches and product managers, team leaders, project managers, people in sales, managers, designers, agencies, brand managers, and marketing teams. If you would like to improve your decision-making skills, learn how to better coordinate teams, streamline client relations, improve business processes, or innovate in your market, this is the course for you.

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Duration: 4 x4 hour sessions
  • Delivery: Remote
  • Certifications: Receive a Design Sprint Practitioner certification from our partner, We Start Academy
  • Included: 50% off We Start’s facilitation sets

Learning Objectives

  • Master all 5 phases of a Design Sprint
  • Test and implement innovative ideas in no time
  • Learn the best techniques and ways to validate a concept
  • Master methods and approaches to make the right decisions quickly and efficiently, even if they are critical
  • Understand customer needs and learn to summarise and visually represent the customer journey
  • Grow your network and make contacts with other participants
  • Learn to work with challenges under pressure to validate ideas faster, to bring a team together to get the best out of their collective expertise
  • Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Receive a certification as a Design Sprint Practitioner from our partner, We Start Academy
  • Get 50% off We Start’s facilitation sets, including a detailed agenda for a Design Sprint to facilitate yourself, a Design Sprint Briefing template, as well as expert facilitation tips

The workshop is for people who need to be creative at the push of a button and for those who understand their customers’ real problem well and want to solve it better. We deal far too little with the problem and instead always immediately think of solutions. Better exploring the problem area means that it is much easier to find a solution.

- Arno Parmeggiani

I particularly liked the competence of the coaches: a high level of experience, understandable solutions, great flow. Could also be a good workshop for coaches themselves to question their thought patterns and improve their coaching. The workshop is extremely efficient , you get a lot of input - for ambitious people who want to learn a lot and quickly.

- Benedikt Unger

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