Consulting Services

Our consulting services offer expert insights to enhance your organization’s performance through tailored solutions. We pinpoint opportunities to boost efficiency and implement leading techniques and best practices to outpace competitors.

Coaching and Mentoring

agile42 offers customized solutions to meet your needs and requirements, whether you need to tackle a particular challenge your team is encountering, need a coach to guide your teams to success, or want individual business mentoring.

Training and Education

We offer foundational courses on the principles and practices of Agile methodology, Scrum and Kanban certifications, specialized training on contemporary topics such as Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), Design Thinking and more.

How to Approach an Innovative Culture

A project team at Siemens Digital Industries – Factory Automation – was able to lay the foundation for a customer-centric development of new products through a holistic leadership approach.

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