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It’s not only us, it’s everybody

We are all going through difficult times, but we are not going to let these challenges keep us away from being there for our customers. We have 12 years of experience in remote work that we can now mobilize to continue supporting you. Our classes are also going virtual, without sacrificing our trademark engaging and participative approaches, and we will be offering extra open and free webinars. Stay healthy, go remote.


Our remote services for you

We are impressed by how our clients react to the actual situation and interact with us in remote and virtual ways. All over the world business is going on – different but with a lot of passion, discipline, and motivation.

Please have a look at our virtual certification training, remote in-house training or interactive online workshops.


Self-learning in your home office

agile42 and its partners offer interesting and engaging online training: 

Agile change starts from different perspectives

What's yours...
Start your individual Agile journey and chose the right certification, advanced course or career path.
We form and grow your Agile teams to achieve increased customer value.

Your Agile Transition starts with adopting a new mindset and culture to create a resillient organization.

How we can support you

Agile Culture and Mindset

We understand your culture and current situation using our proven organizational assessment and the agile42 OrgScan (powered by Sensemaker)

Agile Strategy

We help you develop the right Agile strategy enabling you to reach your business goals and build a resilient organization

Agile Teams & Roles

We coach and train at all levels within your organization - roles, teams and leadership, and grow internal Coaches to guarantee the sustainable Agile change

What are your challenges?

  • Grow the right culture & Agile mindset
  • Create the best portfolio & program management
  • Delivering customer value & organizational design
  • Build the right team structures & interactions
  • Identify the best Agile methods (Scrum, Kanban)
  • Improve performance, quality and Time to Market
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We offer a number of Scrum Alliance® and Kanban certified courses.

Training Courses

Public Trainings

Remote and on location training

All training courses are also available in-house.

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agile42 Sweden anställer ny coach!

Eftersom affärsverksamheten för agile42 fortsätter att växa i snabb takt ​söker vi nu en ny coach som skulle vara belägen i Stockholm, Sverige​​

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Sofia Svanbäck

I am the Business Relationship Manager of agile42 in Finland and Sweden. I started working at agile42 in May 2018 and haven’t done anything so interesting before. The decision to join agile42 is a decision I am proud of today. My days are filled with customer related things, like negotiations, offers, and training / coaching bookings to mention a few.