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Certified Agile Skills – Scaling 1 (CAS-S1)Training in Stockholm

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Certified Agile Skills – Scaling 1 (CAS-S1) training in Stockholm.

Join and supercharge your skills whether you’re in the middle of an evolving scaling transformation or have never attempted scaling.

Date: Please see available dates from the drop-down menu below
Time: 09:00 – 17:00  daily
Location: Best Western Plus Park City Solna
Early Bird price: 17 000 SEK + VAT
Standard price: 19 000 SEK + VAT
Training language: English (all material in English)
Trainer: Giuseppe De Simone


Our Certified Agile Skills – Scaling 1 (CAS-S1) training class is a brand new Scrum Alliance certification.

There’s an unprecedented demand for companies to deliver more in the  contemporary business landscape. CAS-Scaling 1 provides a solid foundation to ramp up the results of your agile efforts and take production to the next level.

Scaling agile requires focused collaboration, coherent objectives, and appropriate change management practices to ensure that the flexibility and responsiveness that make agile effective on a team level can be sustained on a much larger scale.


In CAS-S1 you will learn different approaches that need to be taken when working agile with multiple teams. Unlike prescriptive scaling frameworks, the course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to identify principle-informed patterns that apply to your organization’s unique and evolving context.

This course is ideal for change agents—managers, executives, coaches, and anyone participating in scaling within an organization who needs adaptable guidance and a tailored approach to the core aspects of scaling.

The CAS-S1 course is right for:

  • Managers guiding the change
  • Executives who believe in the change
  • Agilists who embody the change

Upon completion of the class, students will receive a CAS-S1 Scaling certification.

Training Topics:

  • What is Scaling and Why is it Necessary?
  • Approaches to Scaling (Principles-led, Practice-led, Pattern-led)
  • Principles of Organic Scaling
  • Introduction to Complexity and System Thinking
  • Value Delivery and Unnecessary Synchronizations
  • Organizational Culture and Decentralized Control
  • Scaling Patterns
  • Change Management in Scaling
  • The Role of Agile Coaches in Scaling
  • Scaling Case Study Deconstruction

You can supercharge your skills whether you’re in the middle of an evolving scaling transformation or have never attempted scaling. This course is designed to meet you and your organization wherever you are in your journey to expand the benefits of agile teams.

The CAS-S1 class is presented in a highly interactive and collaborative format with elements of lecture, classroom discussion, exercises, games and simulations, smoothly blended throughout the class. We will approach the class at a sustainable pace and endeavor to take breaks often, to allow our brains to stay focused and our bodies to recharge when necessary.


21-22 October 2024