We enable sustainable change by supporting your resilience

agile42 equips growth-oriented leaders with the tools they need every day and more importantly, with an awareness of the importance of a change mindset, for themselves and for their organization.
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Upcoming webinar: Effective Large-Scale Learning

Oct. 30, 2020

More and more large corporates want and need to embrace agility. Their challenge is to provide learning to thousands of employees. You might have experienced this yourself.

In this webinar, agile42 coaches Simon Sablowski and Lothar Fischmann will present our offering and what we have learned from co-developing Corporate Learning Programs with multiple clients.

We are excited to welcome Katrin Birrer from JTI (Japan Tobacco International) who will share her experience of collaborating with us on JTI’s Agile Champion program, a learning experience which is being rolled out to 10,000 employees.

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ORGANIC agility

Take control of your Agile or digital

Transformations, cultural or digital, succeed or fail in many cases because of leadership. Through ORGANIC Leadership,® the leadership team is shown their power to influence, guide and accelerate change starting with their own adoption of an agile mindset. This is the foundation of achieving business results and new ways of working.

Remote or in-person

We face the challenges and keep your business running

We are impressed by how our clients have reacted to the current global crisis and interacted with us in remote and virtual ways. All over the world business is going on – different but with a lot of passion, discipline and motivation. Please see our virtual certification training, remote in-house workshops or interactive online (only) trainings.



How resilient is your organization?

The Organizational Scan™ allows you to measure your organization's resilience by tracking your decision-making processes. Whenever people within your organization are impacted by a decision (positively or negatively), they can document their story and describe how they lived that moment, within minutes.

The ORGANIC agility® Organizational Scan™ utilizes SenseMaker® technology patented by Cognitive Edge.


Get Started with Agile and Scrum

  • An introduction to Agile
  • Learn about Lean principles
  • Discover the Scrum Framework

By completing this online course you will understand the fundamental principles behind Agile, including Lean principles, and the Scrum values and practices.

Good mixture of text and videos. Great graphics in the videos made it easy to follow and understand.

- Henrik Olsson, Founding Partner at Quintelic


ORGANIC Leadership® and hands-on experience for coaches are only some of our publications:

Freely available

We support our clients worldwide with proven free methods. If you need support - contact us.


The agile42 team enjoys a global presence and supports clients and partners worldwide.

In Press

65% of our clients return because they experience sustainability through our services.

Success Stories

Organizational Change

We enable your organization to find its way to resilience, equipping the leadership to deal with complexity and the challenges of today.

ORGANIC Leadership

The ORGANIC Leadership framework is designed to build and grow leadership capability within an organization rather than  seeing leadership only as an individual role.

Agile Teams

The training was very informative and interactive, despite being held completely online, kudos for the organization!

Bartosz Plotka, DiaMonTech AG

eLearning Courses

Learn from anywhere in the world

Introduction to Agile & Scrum

This course aims at providing the basics to understanding Agile and Scrum. It starts by introducing a bit of history about the Agile Manifesto and how it was created. The primary focus is on the basic principles that drive agility.


Graphic Facilitation Communicate with Visuals

The ability to visualize has become an important skill for many professional fields. Known as Visual Facilitation, Visual Recording, Graphic Recording, Scribing or Visual thinking.


Understand Complexity: Cynefin®

In today’s volatile and uncertain world, there is a need for new ways of making sense of current situations and to manage new and rapidly shifting contexts. This online course introduces complexity theory and insights...

Our Culture

International Team

We are distant, but we constantly work together. We are distributed in more than 10 countries around the world, however, meet up bi-monthly (remote and in-person) for 2 or 3 days of collaboration, exchanging ideas, aligning our approaches and, naturally, to have lots of fun!

We drink our own champagne

Flat hierarchies, participative decision-making, supporting personal initiatives, experimentation and growth, and collaborative approaches to innovation and product development mean that we don't just know what we are talking about, we are living it.

Engaging & Interactive

Instead of PowerPoint, our classes incorporate a lot of interactive simulations. No-one wants to teach in front of a class of smart but bored people, and they don't want to be taught that way either. Come and enjoy games, simulations and experiential learning in one of our classes.

Clients are Partners

We don't tell you which method or framework to use. We support you to identify your own, and the path that is right for you. Together with our clients, we're partners & co-travellers, discovering the way together. Here you'll find no cure-all method & no one-size-fits-all solution.

Through its highly qualified coaches and trainers, agile42 offers coaching, training, and consulting in the areas of agility and leadership, from the framework of Scrum and its associated methods, to in-depth questions of organizational culture.


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Take the ORGANIC Leadership Journey

While leadership recognizes the role they play in any significant organizational change, how they influence that change is often left to chance. Successful transformations all depend on one common ingredient - the adoption of an agile leadership mindset by the leadership team. The ORGANIC Leadership Journey can be an individual path or a joint initiative with your peer leaders.

What's new at agile42 and ORGANIC agility

agile42 and Divimove

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