Organizational Scan™

What’s your Organizational Culture?

OrgScan™ is not your traditional employee survey

OrgScan™ gives you the actual status quo. It presents scientific, unbiased insight to help you make sense of your culture, leadership style, and employee happiness.

Understanding your culture is important

It influences what you need to do to enable sustainable change, healthy growth, and innovation.

Understand Your Culture

Organizational changes and strategies will only succeed if your culture supports these changes. OrgScan™ provides you with real data and facts about the status quo in order to choose the right path to sustainable change.

Develop Leadership Skills

OrgScan™ makes your leadership styles and decision-making processes transparent. This gives your teams the information they need to take responsibility for day-to-day decisions and tasks.

Make Better Decisions

OrgScan™ gives you insight on how decisions are made in your organization, it shows dependencies, bottlenecks, structures, speed and how they impact your workforce.

How it works

Collect Data

Your people will run the OrgScan by describing decisions which have been made during the last weeks. This data is recorded anonymously and only takes a few minutes.

Read more in our detailed How To (PDF)

Get the report

When enough data has been collected, we will generate a comprehensive report that shows an accurate, real-time view of your organizational culture, leadership style, decision-making capabilities, happiness and more.

Download a sample report (PDF )

Take actions based on facts, not assumptions

Once you Know the actual status of your organization, you can define the right ways and methods to change or improve in order to gain market advantages, create space for innovation and reach your strategic goals.

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Objective & Intuitive

OrgScan™ can not be gamed. Unbiased data and personal feedback create real facts and empower you in this way to make sustainable changes.

Scientifically Proven

It’s built on proven theories in effective data collection and organizational psychology, including the Competing Values Framework.

Anonymous & Secure

The OrgScan™ generates a comprehensive report based on anonymous data. It’s a Cloud application that needs no installation and runs on secure professional infrastructure.

Self-service or assisted

OrgScan™ can be done by yourself independently without additional cost. How ever if you like to get help from professional consultants see our add ons.

Download a free sample report


+ Add ons

Multiplier Workshop

Get expert guidance.

In this four-hour workshop, our experts sit down with you to help you set up and start running the OrgScan™.Two single-use guest passes per year

Leadership Assessment

Analyze your leadership.

Our team will run an analysis of the data and bring the results to a workshop with your leadership team. During the session, our experts will help you to define the best next steps towards change.

ORGANIC agility Leadership

Next level leadership.

Our ORGANIC Leadership workshops help you to create a mindset of leadership and entrepreneurship within your organization

Strategy Map Workshop

Supercharge your strategy.

The Agile Strategy Map is a collaborative framework to design, manage and support strategy or product strategy execution. When used in combination with OrgScan™ is can supercharge your results. 

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Gaining an objective understanding of the actual status of your organization is the first step towards a successful change or Agile transformation. We are happy to support you, so please get in touch if you have any questions. Send us an email or fill in the contact form.