Do Better Scrum

An unofficial set of tips and insights into how to implement Scrum well free for download in various languages. Written by Certified Scrum Coach & Trainer Peter Hundermark.

Version 3

Download the brand new third edition of our booklet at InfoQ in PDF, ePub, and MOBI format. Feedback is welcome.


Version 3 French Edition

Download the French translation of the third edition. Thanks to translators Stéphane Wojewoda, Matthieu NGuyen et Yann Le Moal.

Download Do Better Scrum (French, v. 3.0.2)


Version 2 Spanish Edition

Friend and fellow trainer Allan Cyment has kindly translated Do Better Scrum into Spanish under the title “Un mejor Scrum”. This translates to “Scrum Better”, which is probably what was really intended! Anyway, we are delighted to make the Spanish version available for download here.

Download Do Better Scrum (Spanish, v. 2)


Version 2 German Edition

Andreas Schliep and some colleagues have kindly created a German translation with the title “Scrum besser machen”.

Download Do Better Scrum (German, v. 2.1.1)


Version 2 Portuguese Edition

The latest translation is Brazilian Portuguese, done by CSM Samuel Gonsales with the title “Melhor Scrum”.

Download Do Better Scrum (Brazilian Portoguese, v. 2)


Do Better Scrum by Peter Hundermark is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.