agile42 Leadership Assessment

Get insights into your leadership behaviors and styles, and leverage what you learn to drive positive change in your organization.

Leaders need unbiased, actionable feedback on their leadership behavior and its appropriateness in order to improve and serve (or lead) effectively. agile42’s leadership assessment tool has three options: the Free Leadership Assessment Lite and the full-service options, including a Team Leadership Assessment (for up to 12 users) and a Full Version Leadership Assessment (for up to 600 users).

Leadership Assessment Feature Comparison

Free Leadership Assessment Lite (one user only) Team Leadership Assessment (up to 12 users) Full version (up to 600 users/50 teams)
Repeat survey for on-going, aggregated assessment and growth over time✅✅
Get input from your entire team✅✅
See the development of your leadership patterns over time✅✅
Compare leadership styles between up to 10 teams✅
Compare detailed leadership behavior between different teams✅
PricingFREE€7.42 per user per month (excl. VAT)€9.42 per user per month (excl. VAT)

Try the free Leadership Assessment Lite now or contact us for details on the team and full versions. 

Meaningful insights in minutes

It only takes a minute or two to complete the assessment, and the report is instantly generated.  You can start understanding your leadership style and ways to improve within a matter of minutes.

For ongoing, aggregated data, you will need to purchase the Team or Full version of the tool.

Scientific and unbiased

At agile42, we aim to gain insight to an organization’s culture and leadership behaviors by capturing decisions made and people’s emotional responses to them. We use SenseMaker® technology to understand how leadership behavior is interpreted and perceived.

Develop Leadership Skills

If you’re serious about growth and change, the full service Leadership Assessment is a great solution as it takes into account your full team’s responses.

agile42’s leadership assessment allows you to identify patterns and more importantly, how they are perceived. It exposes your potential for growing your leadership capabilities and suggests practical changes to make.

How the Leadership Assessment works

Collect Data

Describe a recent decision made in your organization in just one line, and answer the questions related to the decision. It takes less than a minute.

Get the report

Receive an instant report, detailing the leadership behaviors and archetypes that you have employed, and how these are impacting your team and decision-making in your organization.

The Team and Full versions are able to take into account more than one decision, in order to aggregate and compare perspectives from your entire team to build a full picture of the leadership at your organization.

Take actions based on facts, not assumptions

Armed with objective data about the way you lead, you can make informed decisions about how you are going to increase organizational effectiveness and resilience.

Tip: combine the Leadership Assessment with agile42’s Organizational Scan for powerful insights into your organzational culture. 

Start using the free leadership assessment right now

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Gaining an objective understanding of the actual status of your organization is the first step towards a successful change or Agile transformation. We are happy to support you, so please get in touch if you have any questions. Send us an email or fill in the contact form.