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Cognitive Edge

We are like the 42 in agile42. Cognitive Edge helps people and organisations make sense of a complex and uncertain world so that they can take action and thrive. Our methods and tools help decision-makers make better decisions in uncertainty.


Our story with agile42 started back in 2012, at Agile Croatia conference in beautiful Zadar, where Andrea thrilled everyone with his excellent talk on agile principles. Fast forward a couple of months, and all of the sudden we ended up as partners. Today we enjoy coaching agile teams and organizations in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia following the agile42 approach.

Benjamin Felis

agile42 and me are a couple since 2014 - starting with the first visualization workshops in Berlin. Since the coaches can’t let go of using visuals in his work. Later I made the first hand drawn explanation movies and now we work on the best online classes the world has seen. And yes: YOU can draw too!!!


Innodev are a friend and a partner with agile42, we both share a great desire to "rethink" the way we run businesses and create a sustainable growth strategy. Over the years we have had great times together and look forward to having many more.

More Beyond

More Beyond works with leaders and organisations to help them become future and complexity fit. We work with agile42 since more than 5 years to go beyond agility.