The Agile Strategy Map

The successful analog tool is now available as a software solution.

The Strategy Map Tool embodies the principles of ORGANIC agility. It allows you to place your goal at the center of your strategic planning, understand how to maintain your gains, and safely test multiple factors to discover what will bring you success in the future. Visual, intuitive, and collaborative, the Strategy Map Tool lets you connect the strategic and operational levels, make your process transparent, and engage everyone in your organization, empowering them to contribute in strategy execution and observe its results.

We have grown into an adventurous and learning organization. Our strategy is clear, focused and we continuously check whether we are still on track or not. Our Agile Strategy Map visualizes our business; we differentiate between CSFs (confirmed success factors) and PSFs (potential success factors) in order to be able to focus on what is essential. This allows us to react fast to a changing environment and incorporate new issues even in a full schedule.

– congstar (Deutsche Telekom group)

(After using OrgScan for 6 months) We are more aligned now [...] Departments that you would consider those that are more structured, that you might call the backbone are now valued equally compared to those that are more extroverts outside, being in sales, being at creative work and they value each other now on the same level. And that is a huge achievement. 

Tobias Schiwek, CEO Divimove

The Agile Strategy Map and the theory behind it

The Agile Strategy Map is a way to map and design the changes in an organization in a way that makes the process transparent, incremental, available to everyone, and based on continuous experimentation and adaptation. This framework has been developed by agile42 through our experiences with clients and the help of many coaches who contributed over time to refine and improve its usability.

We want to find ways in which we can engage step by step the whole organization, and align it behind a common agreed direction. The Agile Strategy Map™ can be a stand-alone tool for your organization or it can be used in the context of an approach inspired by the principles of ORGANIC Agility. In this case, it corresponds to the basic principle of validating changes in small increments.


Agile Strategy Map Package

Duration, setup, timing

On-site Setup: 4 days

Remote Setup: Series of 2-4 hour interactive virtual sessions

Delivery Format

The content follows the documented Strategy Map framework  and can be delivered remotely using a combination of boards and the Strategy Map tool as well as on-site in a workshop format.


The Strategy Map framework implemented within a digital tool to support remote collaboration and sharing

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Month / User
Strategy Mapping
  • Strategy Map Toolkit
  • Complete Video Tutorial Library
  • Business Experiment Tracking


It’s the unique combination of ongoing journaling and strategic planning and execution, providing live and measurable insights

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OrgScan Decision Capturing
  • Capture Decisions - Unlimited
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Affinity Indexing
  • Essentials Dashboard Widget Pack
  • Advanced Dashboard Widget Pack
  • Multiplier Workshop
  • Continuous Scanning and Realtime Data
OrgScan Reporting
  • Consultant Interviews
  • Consulted Interpretation of Results
  • Recommendations for Improvement Steps
Strategy Mapping
  • Strategy Map Toolkit
  • Complete Video Tutorial Library
  • Business Experiment Tracking

+ Add-On 

Strategy Map facilitation workshop

 This workshop can be done remotely and on-site.
Manage your strategy and react fast with equanimity to changes

The ORGANIC agility Strategy Map facilitation workshop is a series of sessions in which we support you to create your Strategy Map and set up your unique operating models. An ORGANIC agility Professional accredited coach will guide you and your peers to use the Strategy Map Framework, to create a better alignment around your goals and to define workable structures to gain control of the impact of changes.

By using the online tool you can manage the strategy remotely. This reduces the  need to get together all the time to coordinate efforts and synchronize activities as the Strategy Map covers both the design and the operational work involved to implement a strategy.