Organizational Scan

Understand the current state of your organization

Culture can not be designed, but it can be made visible. The Organizational Scan ™ (OrgScan) is part of the ORGANIC agility Strategic Tools and provides real data on your organizational culture, your leadership styles, your decision making capabilities and what your organization values.

The OrgScan uses decision-making in your organization to show your organizational culture, your leadership styles and what your organization values by collecting 100% anonymous data from you and your colleagues. The patented design that cannot be gamed offers real data, unlike an interview or a questionnaire, which is influenced by the context of interviewer or interviewee and the desire to give "the right answer". We can show you how you can use the results to estimate the agility of your organization, and the interactive visualization can guide you towards beneficial future directions based on your unique present.

Understand the Status Quo - OrgScan Package

The "Understand the Status Quo - Package" includes the 3 services below. Please note, that all services can be ordered individually.

1 year subscription - Pay only once and use it for a year

This subscription allows you to use the OrgScan for 1 year. It includes the individual setup and usage of the software and the consultation of the data through the dashboard. At the moment we provide the service using Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Central Europe/Frankfurt, Germany, however, soon you will be able to choose in which region, globally you would like your data to be stored. The specific country/regional law on data protection will then apply.

Multiplier Workshop

In this 1/2 day workshop we explain to a subset of people in your organization how to use the OrgScan and capture decisions. The workshop also enables them to calibrate the capture for their organization (e.g. what is an "External Advisor" for you? A person outside your team or department, or somebody from outside of your organization?) This calibration is important so people learn what to pay attention to and to ensure the data collected is of high quality. The "multiplier" share their learnings with their colleagues, support them and create a sort of snowball effect that will rapidly bring everyone in the organization to document decisions that affected them at work.

Please note: This 1/2 day workshop can be done online/remotely or on-site.

Analysis & Leadership Presentation

agile42 stands for sustainable change, stemming from first class coaching and consulting. The OrgScan Package includes 2 days of consulting which will address your needs. Leadership and/or HR benefit from digging deeper into the results, putting the data and learned theory into practice.