Culture Consulting and Workshops

At agile42, we think organizations are more like living organisms than machines. We believe that their culture serves as the fundamental DNA, shaping their essence. This organizational DNA consists of two closely intertwined strands: Culture/People and Business.

The key to driving significant and lasting change within an organization lies in the alignment of these two vital aspects. We specialise in helping organizations align and make meaningful changes to drive growth.

Get your teams involved in lively workshops that teach cultural values and encourage teamwork. Our coaching and training programs are designed to give your workforce the skills they need for lasting change in a thriving cultural environment, especially in fast-changing markets.

Our Approach

agile42 Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from our experiences with various clients, we have developed a unique approach to organizational change and transformation. Our strategies are rooted in the principles of Agile, emphasizing adaptability, iterative improvement, and a people-centric mindset. This means we understand your actual culture and can identify the best ways to initiate change.

OrgScan Insights

Powered by OrgScan, our cultural assessments go beyond the surface. We view your organization as a living entity, and OrgScan helps us understand its unique DNA. This deep dive allows us to tailor our solutions to your organization’s specific needs.

Case Studies

Discover the impact of cultural transformation through real-world examples. Our case studies showcase organizations that have successfully aligned Culture/People and Business, highlighting the tangible benefits they’ve experienced.

Ready to Transform Your Culture?