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Agile Leadership Foundations

This course is designed to help you understand what the core elements of agile leadership are and what to focus on to help your teams and organization to thrive in the current fast-changing world.

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  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • You will have access to the course content for 30 days from the date of purchase.
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Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

    • List at least three key elements of agile leadership
    • Identify at least two focus areas for an agile leader
    • Define what is necessary to create a more agile and resilient organization
    • Recognize at least six virtues of servant leadership
    • Express at least three behaviors to practice a servant leadership approach
    • Explain at least three skills of emotional intelligence
    • Describe at least two tools to increase emotional intelligence
More information

Agile leadership is about enabling people to work and deliver results and, by doing so, have fun at work and develop a sense of ownership. This requires the leader to continuously coach, mentor, support and facilitate the work and therefore create the right environment for people to learn and grow in the right direction. 

However, leadership in an agile context is an organizational capability which needs to be developed over time instead of a specialty which only a few people need to have. This requires everyone to learn how to lead and develop the necessary skills, so anybody who is involved in a complex project can benefit from learning the foundational element of agile leadership.

This course will help you demonstrate proficient comprehension of Agile Leadership and its core elements.


Target audience

The course is designed for anyone new to agile and/or leadership: agile team members, aspiring agilists, project managers, managers, executives or anyone else who is intrigued to know more about agile leadership and do it in their own time and at their own pace.

Agile approaches are applicable across industries, so even marketing specialists, data scientists, HR representatives, and other professionals looking for a better way to solve complex problems and lead in times of uncertainty are encouraged to take the course.

Training topics
    • Introduction to Agile Leadership
    • Servant Leadership
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Improving as an Agile Leader
Interesting overview!

Background on Agile Leadership

Many companies today are striving to stay on top of rapidly changing business needs and must recognize that rapid adaptation is critical to their success. In this context leaders are required to shift the way they think about their role and move from managing people to enabling the right conditions for good things to happen.

This course equips you to embark on a journey toward leading with agility and championing agile transformation in your workplace. You will get a concise and thought-provoking introduction to the foundations of agile leadership and validate your understanding of how an agile leader is supposed to think and act.

The course is composed of an engaging and fun video, instructional reading suggestions and interactive quizzes, which aim at stimulating different parts of your brain and thus help you learn more and retain the learning longer.

It represents a first milestone in the journey towards a deeper understanding and practical application and will prepare you in taking the next steps, for instance a Certified Agile Leadership® certification.