Certified Agile Leadership I (CAL1) training, Amsterdam, Alankomaat

20. marraskuuta 2019

Amsterdam, 2½ päivän koulutus, kouluttajana Bent Myllerup ja Niels Verdonk. Kurssi johtaa Scrum Alliance CAL1 -sertifiointiin.

Koulutus Certified Agile Leadership I (CAL1) training
Ajankohta 20. marraskuuta 2019 - 22. marraskuuta 2019 (2½ päivää)
Paikka Planetarium Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Alankomaat
Kellonaika 9:00 - 17:30
Kieli englanti
Kouluttajat Bent Myllerup ja Niels Verdonk
Osoite Planetarium Amsterdam
Kromwijkdreef 11
1108 JA Amsterdam

Being a manager in an agile environment is a challenging job. You know on one hand, that self-organizing teams are essential in order to succeed but on the other hand, at the same time it feels a little uncomfortable not to be totally in control about what is going on. Maybe you have also questioned your own position and relevance now that the agile train has started rolling. You are met by expectations from your peers and employer to be on top of things, and you are told by your team members to back off and get out of their way. Life is not that easy for you, is it?

The Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) is the Scrum Alliance educational program for people like you. It aims at providing you the best possible frameworks and tools in order to foster an agile culture for high performance in your organization. It will help you and your company to BE agile in stead of just DO Scrum.

The Certified Agile Leadership has been developed by coaches who are affiliated with the Scrum Alliance as a two-level certification program. It has learning objectives in five areas, which are: The Context for Agile, Agile Overview, Leadership in an Agile Context, The Agile Organization and Agile Approaches to Change.

Only the Scrum Trainers with the highest expertise can be approved to deliver the CAL program. The requirements for those highly-qualified Trainers are a combination of being a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), having a certification or accreditation in a recognized leadership development program, as well as having proven leadership development skills.

At agile42 we are among the first who have been approved to deliver the CAL program. We have taken the framework of the program, mixed it with our unique concept for accelerated learning, our years of experience in delivering leadership trainings and developed a sustainable program.

The structure of the program is a mixture of participant preparation, a 2,5-day workshop (the CAL1 course) and a post training program. The latter part includes peer discussion groups, coaching and personal development plan to grow into an agile leader. The post training program has two objectives: first of all to help you on your ongoing journey as a leader, and secondly to sketch out a possible path for you towards the CAL 2 credential level.

The agenda of our CAL1 course is as follows:


The purpose of this preparation is to provide you with a path for the Agile Overview learning objective. You must expect three to four hours of preparation for the training. We will provide you with some homework in preparation for the workshop, by means of an invitation letter containing 3 different assignments.

We will invite you to learn about the practice of the Gemba Walk and we will explain to you the concept of Leadership in an Agile Context which encourages you as a leader to be present, aware, and engaged. We expect you to share your preparation work and results with the other workshop participants.


The course will be covering the predefined learning objectives by means of multiple self-contained training modules. All of the learning objectives will be covered by multiple modules, rather than one by one. Through the whole training, the trainer will make use of a specific Case Study that will be used to present examples, reflections and exercises. For the training you will be provided with a little empty booklet for taking notes about your own journey. This will be used in journaling activities and self-reflections.

Day One Day Two Day Three

Circumstances for Agile:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Why agile leadership?
  • Introduction to Cynefin
  • Lean thinking

Leading in an Agile Organization:

  • Self-organization
  • Leadership styles
  • Systems thinking

Agile Transitions:

  • Change management framework
  • Agile Strategy Map
  • Self-development as an Agile Leader

Growing Agile Teams:

  • Agile Overview (from your preparation) and Experience Sharing
  • Motivation of teams
  • Synergy and challenges in teams
  • Team Performance Models

Growing Organizations into Agile:

  • Stakeholder management
  • Organizational culture
  • Organizational design

Following the two-day CAL1 course we will present you with a transfer document, which describes the activities in the post training program, the requirements for the CAL2 credential and our framework for the CAL2 credential pathway.

The CAL2 is an individual pathway for each participant. Therefore, we are not providing a specific program. We are instead providing a framework for the CAL2 credential, which is visualized in the figure.

As an Approved Education Provider we will offer support to several activities during your journey towards the CAL2 credential. First of all we will offer one-day trainings which focus deeper on the three learning objectives: Leadership in an Agile Context, The Agile Organization and Agile Approaches to Change. Secondly we will offer facilitation of Agile Leadership Circles, where you can meet with peers, share experiences and deepen your knowledge around relevant topics. Finally we will also offer support regarding your preparation of submitting experience reports to the Scrum Alliance. This includes one-on-one coaching, review of experience reports and facilitation of one-day peer workshops. The latter will be aligned with dates and locations for Scrum Gatherings.

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