Agile Strategy Map Theory

A collaborative framework to design, manage and support strategy execution

The Agile Strategy Map is a way to map and design the changes in an organization in a way that makes the process transparent, incremental, available to everyone, and based on continuous experimentation and adaptation. This framework has been developed by agile42 through our experiences with clients and the help of many coaches who contributed over time to refine and improve its usability.


What is the Agile Strategy Map

We want to find ways in which we can engage step by step the whole organization, and align it behind a common agreed direction. The Agile Strategy Map™ can be a stand-alone tool for your organization or it can be used in the context of an approach inspired by the principles of ORGANIC Agility. In this case, it corresponds to the basic principle of validating changes in small increments.

After adopting the Agile Strategy Map with dozens of clients, we came to appreciate it also as a powerful Enterprise and Leadership Coaching Tool: the outcome is important, but the conversation is even more important. The impact in terms of sense of ownership and momentum determined by leaders co-creating and collaborating around a common goal greatly increases focus on the business goals, and offers unique opportunities to coach the leadership team towards becoming a more resilient organization.

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This is not the first iteration of the Agile Strategy Map, so you might already be familiar with one of its previous versions. We have been using it for many years with multiple clients and have learned through these experiences. Common feedback included challenges of the map being too abstract or being difficult to understand how to take action based on it. Other feedback has included a sense that the organization feels like they need to start from scratch, ignoring things they’ve done in the past. As part of the response to this feedback, we have recently incorporated the work of Simon Wardley into the conception of the Strategy Map. The inclusion of new elements, such as Confirmed Success Factors also goes a long way towards addressing these concerns.  By combining the thinking of Wardley with the strategy mapping tool, we believe we have significantly enhanced its expressivity and its ease of use.

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The Agile Strategy Map Tool

The Strategy Map Tool embodies the principles of ORGANIC agility. It allows you to place your goal at the center of your strategic planning, understand how to maintain your gains, and safely test multiple factors to discover what will bring you success in the future. Visual, intuitive, and collaborative, the Strategy Map Tool lets you connect the strategic and operational levels, make your process transparent, and engage everyone in your organization, empowering them to contribute in strategy execution and observe its results.

Agile Strategy Map Tool Packages

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