Remote Facilitation Practitioner

Remote Facilitation Practitioner

This course is an intense introduction to Remote Facilitation, where both the content and delivery are remote-first by design.

We offer this training as a remote course (3x5 hr).


Are you lacking confidence in facilitating remote meetings and workshops?

agile42 together with The Remote Coaches has designed a set of remote workshops where both the content and delivery are remote-first by design.

Learn the principles for remote design and real practices that you can put to use immediately. Includes practical sessions and feedback to help you improve. We will deconstruct interactions and reconstruct them in a remote way

What we will cover

      • Why remote meetings are different
      • The Remote Facilitator Stance
      • 6 Principles for remote facilitation and practical methods to bring each to life
      • Models for change
      • Tools for improving your interactions and your facilitation
      • Ideas and templates for ways to improve your remote meetings
      • Includes a workbook with templates, resources and ideas for you to take away and start using immediately
      • Asynchronous and Synchronous remote collaboration

Intended audience

      • Anyone who wants to feel more confident and improve running remote meetings, whether you’re a scrum master, manager, agile coach or a team member
      • Anyone who is interested in improving the quality of collaboration in remote meetings


3 x 5 hour remote workshops over 3 non-consecutive days

Learning Objectives

      • Understand how the brain works in remote spaces
      • Practical tips for improving engagement in remote meetings
      • Grounding principles to improve remote interactions and outcomes
      • Understand and explain the complexity and challenges of remote work according to a neuroscientific model
      • Evaluate areas of improvement in your current remote meetings
      • Understand how to apply practical remote facilitation methods

A participant's voice

"This course was both enjoyable and facilitated extremely well. The theory was easy to understand and there was a great flow between this and the interactive exercises which kept me focused and engaged. I would highly recommend this course to anyone working remotely and having to connect with teams in remote spaces"

- Kirsten G.

"This is the right course at the right time. It is hard enough to facilitate collaboration when people are face-to-face. Remote meetings amplify the challenge. This course teaches and demonstrates the how-to of remote facilitation. But, you won’t just learn what to do. You’ll learn why the methods work. Jay-Allen, Kirsten, and Jo have teamed up to provide clear principles, valuable skills and useful templates to improve remote meetings and collaboration. After taking this course, you will have a starting set of methods and templates. You’ll also gain the knowledge to adapt, modify, and create your own methods to fit your context. Highly recommended."

- Esther Derby, Consultant & Guide, Esther Derby Associates

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