Portfolio System Design Package

A part of the ORGANIC agility approach

ORGANIC agility - Portfolio Package

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The ORGANIC agility Portfolio System Design is a package that aims at creating/designing a streamlined approach to value delivery. Starting from the outcomes provided by ORGANIC agility Value Stream Discovery, and ORGANIC agility Competency Mapping, it supports the client in designing a Portfolio and Program Management System which provides governance while allowing for autonomy and flexibility.

Value Stream Discovery

The approach to create such as system starts from the identified Value Streams and evolves by grouping the subprocesses necessary to deliver value indefinitely into four categories that also represent different phases of work: Qualifying, Planning, Executing, Monitoring. This structure can then be decomposed in more detailed steps, according to the identified sub processes, and enriched with clearly defined Policies and Constraints which will allow for more clarity and transparency, and will transform the Portfolio System into a large collaboration platform to coordinate work and deliver customer value.

Duration: (2d + 2d) to identify the Value Streams, the Target Groups and the Personas to which deliver value, as well as the skills and activities necessary to deliver on each value stream

Competence Mapping

The Competency Mapping process is allows you to understand your current capability to deliver value. The analysis is based on a Skill Map containing the list of the necessary skills grouped by value streams which are necessary in order to deliver value on that value stream indefinitely. Besides that we are looking here also at the level of Competency available within your organization, means we understand the proficiency in using those skills, which is a key information to reduce dependencies.  As a result yo will have a Competency Map that provides a realistic map of the existing organizational capabilities against the required identified skills.

Duration: (2d + 2d) to identify the current organization capabilities beyond the roles, and understand how to organize for better delivery

Analysis & Leadership Presentation

agile42 stands for sustainable change which results from first class coaching and consulting.  The OrgScan Package includes 2 days of consulting which will address your needs. Leadership and/or HR benefit from digging deeper into the results putting the data and learned theory into practice.