"Show me the Money"

Value Strem Discovery - A part of the ORGANIC agility approach

ORGANIC agility - Value Stream Discovery

"Show me the Money" is a workshop that facilitates the quick and easy discovery of value streams, market niches and customer needs. It can be combined with other ORGANIC agility components to create a package which targets more generally the processes of value identification, flow, and delivery.


What does this workshop do?

Discovering what your value streams are means being able to identify who your customers are, what are they actually paying you for, and how to deliver it to them. This awareness can act as the basis for a sensible, targeted workflow built around your customers' needs and your capabilities. The same knowledge can help you discover new needs and niches, and continue growing the ability to deliver them and create innovation at the same time.

The workshop will help you define target groups, but, more importantly, it will engage everyone involved and create a clear and shared understanding of what needs to be done and why to serve those groups. This can be delivered as an express workshop of 1-2 hours, in-person or remotely, or it can be expanded into a package through combination with other blocks.



Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is useful to everyone who is involved in a product creation and delivery chain, such as Senior Managers, Product Owners, Sales and Purchasing, Project Managers, anyone involved in team formation and operation, and Human Resources.

The workshop will address this groups' needs for focus and for appropriate responses to market demands, and allow them to use its results to look at their entire business model in a new light and discover new opportunities for monetization.

How can I get the most out of this?

This workshop is a part of the ORGANIC agility approach and it combines especially well with the following:

  • Value Stream Discovery workshop, which serves a similar purpose of identifying who buys your products and services, why, how, and how to use that to your advantage but is much more thorough and intensive in its format.
  • ORGANIC agility Business Alignment, to harmonize existing views and perspectives on the organization. Together with Show Me the Money, this can be offered as part of an organizational assessment.
  • Competency Mapping allows you to take the Value Stream and Target Group insights and apply them to shape your organizational structure around the existing capabilities that allow you to respond to customer needs. Adding the Value Stream Discovery on top of the two allows you to create a comprehensive approach to testing and improving your market fitness.