Resilience for the future of Agile

Nowadays, there are hardly any IT projects in which non-agile approaches are used. But what does agility mean for the rest of the organizations, is it a method or an attitude?

I am very happy to be able to present this year at the Agile Beyond IT conference in Berlin, where they are creating a networking platform for mutual exchange of experience to promote agility in companies. The event addresses people who work outside of IT departments and who have so far not come into contact with agility, or have only come into contact with it to a marginal extent.

I will deliver a keynote on the third day of the conference on March 19th, 2020. The topic will be Resilience for the future of Agile.

Keynote Andrea Tomasini Agile Beyond IT 2020

Agile is often misunderstood as something that is only relevant to IT and confused with specific frameworks. But in our times of competitive and complex markets and change cycles that become faster than ever, agility and resilience become essential for everyone. This keynote will present a revolutionary and evolutionary approach that takes into account the entire organization, regardless of sector, and aims at supporting it in growing new, context-specific capabilities to meet the unknown challenges of the future.

Hope to see you at #ABIT2020.