Participate in a Pulse to sense organization resilience

We are aware of how challenging the worldwide situation is for every business and how many companies are shifting the way they operate and sometimes even inventing new ways to ensure business continuity. In this context, organizations that were designed to be robust to external challenges are struggling, because they were not ready for such an unpredictable challenge. On the other side, companies which were able to grow resilience as an organizational capability will find in their DNA the ability to recover fast, adapt and possibly even grow stronger after the crisis: we’re getting some true real-time lessons in what resilient organizations are in a time of rapid change.

To help businesses and leaders make sense of what is happening and manage through the COVID-19 escalation, agile42 in partnership with Cognitive Edge has developed a Sensemaker pulse to get an understanding of how resilient organizations are, which we trust will provide valuable information to all our clients.

Sensemaker Pulse

  • How companies are reacting to the pandemic?
  • How resilient different industries sectors have been?
  • How individuals are affected and reacting?
  • How policies of different governments are helping?

In such a volatile environment, it is impossible to rely on our individual ability to understand what happens and be able to take the necessary decisions in a time that is compatible with the faster and faster lead time needed in the current situation.

So we ask you to participate in the pulse by accessing the following link:
It will take no more than 10 minutes.

The results will be collected in a report and shared for free from agile42.

You are also welcome to share the link with your colleagues: we want to hear as many stories as possible.

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