Five Essential Skills for Successful Collaborative Relationships

I thoroughly enjoyed hosting the first of a series of webinars centred around "collaboration". We had people from all around the world listening in 🙂

In focusing on the importance of collaboration in building a great team, I delved into the five essential skills for successful collaborative relationships:

  • Collaborative intention
  • Truthfulness
  • Self-accountability
  • Awareness of self & others
  • Problem solving & negotiating

"Collaboration is making joint effort towards a goal" - Vreede, Briggs & Kolfschoten, 2008

As promised we would like to share with you the recording of the session:

There were a couple of questions we didn't manage to get to. Specifically one of the participants wanted to find out where he could find more information on "Magic 21" (aka CDE configuration). I believe the best source for this is here - What’s Magic About Magic 21?

Another participant wanted to know where she could read up on "Conflict Circles". I would recommend checking out this link.

As mentioned in the webinar, I'm a Certified Radical Collaboration® Trainer. The 3-day Radical Collaboration® training is a deeply experiential, transformational course and as such ideally needs to be conducted face-to-face. We will likely only be running this training face-to-face again in 2021. Until such time we can offer this training, we can instead offer a remote 1-day Building Collaborative Skills workshop (Powered by Radical Collaboration®). To learn more about this workshop please contact [email protected]

Lastly be sure to catch my next webinar on "Defensiveness". We'll be posting this on Meetup and across our social media channels soon!

Thank you for joining us and we hope to "see" you next time!

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