ORGANIC Leadership

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Leadership's importance for organizations

  • Do your leaders work as a team or do they act as individual authorities?
  • Does leadership depend on the authority of the position or on respect and knowledge?
  • How is leadership embedded in your organization and can you extend it beyond isolated people?
  • Leaders are power influencers and role models for your organization - do you want to know how?

ORGANIC Leadership - A comprehensive approach

Whether your goal is to go through an agile transition, support a digital transformation, increase business agility within your organization, or is part of your personal development path, the ORGANIC Leadership framework is designed to build and grow leadership capability within an organization rather than  seeing leadership only as an individual role. This leads to organizational resilience. ORGANIC Leadership, as part of the ORGANIC agility approach, creates organizational resilience within your organization. Built on a solid foundation of science-based theory, ORGANIC agility provides tools, structures, methods, and an intensive context-specific combination of customized training, practice and coaching. Please find your public class here.

On ORGANIC Leadership

sipgate is all about innovation, so the ability to maneuver complex environments is key to us. The ORGANIC agility approach guides our leadership team in the constant efforts to create a more resilient organization by helping us gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of our value chain and focus of effectiveness for the whole.
Tim Mois
Tim Mois
CEO sipgate

C-Level, Board or Director

Where do you want to lead your organization?

Your position and power gives you the potential to create real, deep and lasting change. By becoming an enabler of people, a builder of relationships and a conscious observer of yourself and others, you have a unique opportunity to change yourself and your organizational culture Reduce the burden on your shoulders by growing leadership capacities in your organization and gain the ability to focus on what really matters.

Leadership at all levels

Build leadership within

It's important to create a mindset of leadership and entrepreneurship within an organization. This does not depend on specific roles and functions but on creating the conditions for everyone to contribute to strategic development, understand its execution in practice, and provide useful feedback. By enhancing the leadership mindset you essentially get more brains contributing toward growing and improving your organization.

What makes a good leader?

Key features of a leader
  • Leadership through earned respect
  • A strategist, not a bureaucrat
  • Self-awareness and observational skills
  • Emotional intelligence and an open mind that is comfortable with difference
  • Ability to listen, receiving and offering feedback
  • Ability to resolve conflict where it emerges
  • Inspiring, motivating, supporting
  • Making room for others to grow

5 Principles to enable resilience

ORGANIC agility provides 5 core principles which work like a scaffolding enabling you to create the right environment, learn which structure and processes work for you, which culture fits your workforce, which decision making processes are best etc.

1. Increase Cultural Awareness and Coherence:

Organizational culture can be analyzed across a set of different dimensions and encouraged to evolve in a direction that supports organizational goals and needs. Choosing coherence based on shared principles over alignment means that when things inevitably change you will have access to diverse ideas and responses to help you adapt

2. Situational Decision Making:

A shared approach to decision-making is powerful support for the growth of autonomy and the improvement of communication in your teams. It creates a common and transparent framework for decision-making processes that is adaptable to each specific context, ensuring that the response corresponds to the circumstances.

3. Focus on Value Creation:

Delivering value is a huge part of what organizational processes are actually about. Systematic approaches tied to effective feedback loops, team empowerment methods, and iterative improvement can help you discover not only how most to effectively create and deliver value now, but also how to adapt to changing needs or discover unmet ones.

4. Validating Changes in Small Increments:

This principle helps you combine strategy creation with the process of becoming a learning organization. The strategy supports your organizational goals with known and measurable strengths and a process of exploring potentially complex advantages through experimentation and validation. This promotes the acceptance of changes and ensures participation

5. Optimize Flow:

After having grown through the support of the previous four principles, it is time to refine the final details that can give an organization the edge. This principle encourages organizations to explore the world of battle-tested tools that are out there for smoothing out value flow and reducing the need for costly and excessive time-wasting coordination.

Take the ORGANIC Leadership Journey

While leadership recognizes the role they play in any significant organizational change, how they influence that change is often left to chance. Successful transformations all depend on  one common ingredient - the adoption of an agile leadership mindset by the leadership team. The ORGANIC Leadership Journey can be an individual path or a joint initiative with your peer leaders.

Strategic Tools for your Agile Transition


Organizational Scan ™

Culture can not be designed, but it can be made visible. The Organizational Scan ™ (OrgScan) is part of the ORGANIC agility Strategic Tools and provides real data on your organizational culture, your leadership styles, your decision making capabilities and what your organization values.


Agile Strategy Map ™

Agile Strategy Map

The Agile Strategy Map tool embodies the principles of ORGANIC agility. It allows you to make your strategy visible, makes your processes transparent, and engages everyone in your organization to contribute in strategy execution and observe its results. Join hundreds of users and read more about how the Strategy Map works.



ORGANIC agility Handbook

Leadership & Organization

ORGANIC agility is our comprehensive approach to understanding the functioning of organizations in the market, how they change trough internal and external interactions, and how we can influence that change to let a more resilient organization emerge. This handbook is ...


"Show me the money"

Value Stream Discovery

"Show me the Money" is a workshop that facilitates the quick and easy discovery of value streams, market niches, and customer needs. It can be combined with other ORGANIC agility components into a package targeting more generally the processes of value identification, flow, and delivery.



Fast growth brought challenges as well as rewards to the telecommunications company from Düsseldorf, which in 2009 was struggling to structure its new, larger self and to create innovative products. With the help of agile42, within a year Sipgate not just overcame the crisis, but became a model of agility, literally writing a book on the subject.