Organizational Change

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Today's challenges

  • Are you facing rapid changes, where it's important for your organization to be able to respond and adapt quickly?
  • Do you want to use a fiercely competitive market environment to your advantage?
  • Would you consider using better value delivery and decision-making paths to support quality, growth and innovation potential in your business?
  • Do you know how to create an engaged, creative and dedicated workforce supporting the needs of your customers?

Organizations Are Complex

Thriving in a complex digital world isn’t easy. We enable your organization to find its way to resilience, equipping the leadership to deal with complexity and the challenges of today. We work with you and your teams building the organizational capabilities needed to transform into a modern digital business.


Agile & Digital

Change, responsiveness and fast delivery can be key to adapting to today's volatile markets. Many organizations are looking to agility as a way to achieve those skills, and are transforming their activities along collaboration frameworks for single or multiple teams. With our long experience and innovative approach we can help you reach the full potential of agility in creating an organization that develops, learns, grows and delivers satisfaction to customers and colleagues alike. Find out how you can change by building on your capabilities and respecting your path, achieving benefits all along the way.

ORGANIC Leadership

From managing to leading

ORGANIC Leadership® supports Leadership growth as a capability, rather than only seeing it as a personal development of Leaders. Growing the capability of leadership within an organization requires building it into the organizational structure and culture in a way that supports the growth of autonomy, essentially boosting the capacity for using the brain power that is already there and allowing you to build the connections that will create innovation. Becoming a true Strategic Leader will allow you to focus on what matters and equip you to head a resilient organization.

Culture & Mindset

Change the Status Quo

Real change focuses on people. What drives them? What makes them truly engage in an agile or digital transformation? How can our organization create a better working life? How to include everybody in leadership thinking? What can help us understand our own organizational culture? How do we create change and know that we are achieving it, instead of people just telling us what we want to hear?

Our Approach

For us, a resilient organization is not constructed like a machine, but it grows like an ORGANIC living thing. It changes in response to environmental changes, it reacts autonomously without needing external input, and any change must come from within if it is going to be permanent. We support organizations to discover their direction and potential and to build their strategy. Finally, we give them the education and tools they need to reinforce the tendencies that help them move towards their goals.

Andrea Tomasini, founder of agile42 meets Tobias Schiwek, CEO of Divimove.

Areas of Focus

Take the ORGANIC Leadership® Journey

While leadership recognizes the role they play in any significant organizational change, how they influence that change is often left to chance. Successful transformations all depend on one common ingredient - the adoption of an agile leadership mindset by the leadership team. The ORGANIC Leadership Journey can be an individual path or a joint initiative with your peer leaders.

Organizational Scan ™ App

Understand the current state of your organization

Culture can not be designed, but it can be made visible. The Organizational Scan ™ (OrgScan) is part of the ORGANIC agility Strategic Tools and provides real data on your organizational culture, your leadership styles, your decision making capabilities and what your organization values.

OrgScan, Analysis, Report & more

Would you like to see where your organization stands? The OrgScan Package includes:

  • a license to use the OrgScan for a year, which enables powerful continuous scanning that will detect the slightest ripples of change
  • data analysis from our experts and a comprehensive report that will give you the power of information
  • a multiplier workshop, where your people will be taught how to capture stories in the OrgScan, how to make sure that they remain anonymous over time, and how to champion your commitments to change.

ORGANIC agility

Portfolio System

Governance while allowing for autonomy and flexibility

The ORGANIC agility Portfolio System Design is a package that aims at creating/designing a streamlined approach to value delivery. Starting from the outcomes provided by ORGANIC agility Value Stream Discovery and ORGANIC agility Competency Mapping, it supports the client in designing a Portfolio and Program Management System which provides governance while allowing for autonomy and flexibility.

ORGANIC agility

The impact of leadership

Archetype Assessment Package

The ORGANIC agility archetype assessment package, in-person or virtual, is an engaging and meaningful activity that reveals what people think about the way leadership achieves results in your organization. It is especially useful when you want to encourage each person to contribute more whilst becoming more autonomous, as well as for maintaining harmony and leadership when introducing change in organizational culture.


ORGANIC agility Handbook

Leadership & Organization

ORGANIC agility is our comprehensive approach to understanding the functioning of organizations in the market, how they change through internal and external interactions, and how we can influence that change to enable a more resilient organization to emerge. This handbook is ...