Product Ownership Foundations

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This course is designed to help you understand what product ownership is and what the main components of an agile approach to product management are. You will learn the fundamental tools and practices to be an effective Product Owner and improve your skills in a wide spectrum, ranging from visioning and strategy to understanding user needs, collaborating with stakeholders, and managing an emergent Product Backlog.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Express what the goal of a Product Owner is
  • Summarize what a Product Owner should focus on to create great products
  • Identify at least three strategies and one tool for creating an engaging and inspiring product vision
  • Explain at least two principles of an adaptive product strategy
  • Recognize at least one tool to facilitate a structured conversation around business opportunities
  • List three steps to explore user needs and create a persona
  • Express at least two behaviours that are useful during a customer interview
  • Identify the different elements in a story map and repeat the steps in a story mapping process
  • Recognize the purpose of Product Backlog refinement and record at least two ways of performing it
  • Explain when a Product Backlog Item is ready to be pulled into a Sprint
  • Restate at least two goals that can be achieved with user stories
  • Describe what a Definition of Done is
  • Identify at least two ways to determine the absolute business value and at least two techniques for the relative estimation of value
  • Summarize at least two factors that contribute to meaningful forecasting

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