ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundations

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This course helps you understand why resilience and agility are required for an increasingly complex, unpredictable, and volatile world. It introduces an approach to achieve organizational agility and explains how to lead effectively.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

      • Describe different approaches needed in different market & product lifecycles
      • List at least two factors that lead to the need for agility and resilience
      • Record how management focuses on directing actions while leadership focuses on impacting experiences.
      • Repeat the required shift from management to leadership in order to get autonomy and coherence
      • Express how culture relates to organizational resilience
      • Identify the 5 domains in Cynefin
      • Recognize that different decision-making approaches apply to the different domains
      • List at least two differences between robust and resilient systems
      • Explain the  mindset shift from “viewing the organization as a machine” to “viewing it as a living system”
      • List the different elements of ORGANIC agility and repeat the five principles
      • Repeat the different organizational archetypes and identify which archetype might fit your team
      • Explain the different leadership behaviors
      • Describe at least two factors that influence the culture of an organization

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