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ORGANIC agility® Foundations (CAL-E, O + T) training 30.11.-2.12.2022

22000 kr + moms (slutsumma 27500 kr)

ORGANIC agility® Foundations training provides the participants with a dual certification. The participants will receive both the ORGANIC agility® certification as well as Scrum Alliances CAL E-O-T certifications.

Date and Time: 30.11.-2.12.2022, daily from 09:00 – 17:00 (CET)
Location: On-site in Stockholm, Sweden (TBD)
Training language: English (all material in English)
Trainer: Giuseppe De Simone

Early Bird price: 22 000 SEK + VAT (until 2.11.2022)
Standard price: 24 900 SEK + VAT

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Welcome to our ORGANIC agility® Foundations (CAL-E, O + T) training. This training provides the participants with a dual certification – both Scrum Alliances Certified Agile Leadership CAL-Essentials, CAL-Organizations & CAL-Teams certificate + ORGANIC agility® certificate.

Agile Leadership is necessary and key to any organization that wants to learn, grow and become resilient. During this training you will get familiar with the ORGANIC agility approach, learn more about leadership behaviours, Cynefin model, strategy and change from an organizational point of view. On top of this, the agenda has many more interesting topics!

Join our interactive leadership training onsite in Stockholm, Sweden!