agile42 Community

The agile42 Community consists of over a thousand agilists from around the world with a huge diversity of experiences, backgrounds and cultures.

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agile42 Membership

The agile42 Membership offers unique learning and development opportunity featuring exclusive educational nuggets and monthly events to help you expand your toolbox and support you in your role as either ScrumMaster, Product Owner or Agile Coach. This membership helps you focused on your personal and professional Agile development. We are offering a Free and Premium Membership.

ORGANIC agility Membership

The ORGANIC agility community includes over 1300 leaders and coaches who are creating more resilient organisations, sharing their experiences to continue to grow together. A leadership journey we support doesn’t stop at the training, but continues through the community membership, where sharing pains and gains through your journey with like minded people, who are on similar paths to yours provides great value and stimulation.