Scrum Hit list – 10 good reasons for Scrum

There are many good reasons to work with Scrum. The 10 most important are listed here.

1. Competitiveness

The requirements of the market change invariably faster and only the ones who are flexible and contemporary can react Time to Market and stay competitive and create themselves a competitive advantage.

2. Develop what is needed

Scrum allows the incremental development of features. In time the customer receives the first working versions, sees the progress and if necessary can add some new ideas.

3. Confidence through transparency

Transparency plays a great deal on various levels of Scrum. Because of transparency all the stakeholders are informed where the project is at, it helps discovering weaknesses and it makes the effective teamwork possible, which makes Scum so efficient.

4. Build Quality in

Testing is an integrative component of Scrum at every sprint. Only if the software is tested and documented it is “ready”. Methods as Continuous Integration are very well applicable for securing the quality of every object from the beginning on.

5. Recognize risks in time – systematic risk management

Regular releases establish the condition to recognize problems on time and react promptly. There are long-term statements about time factor and product completion possible because of factors as team velocity.

6. To have the costs under control

The period of a project is usually fixed. The effort and the complexity though are just rough. Scrum allows changes on the specification, includes the customer in the project, creates transparency and therefore it allows a definite cost accounting.

7. Changes are welcome – calculable change management

Scrum is not afraid of changes. On the contrary, changes can be shown to the Product Owner at any time and can be realized in the following sprint. That way the customer gets the product he or she desires.

8. Keep it lean and agile – efficient collaboration and customer satisfaction

Scrum involves all the participants of the project. Communication, collaboration, respect and the understanding, what the customer requires or what the team develops, is the basis for successful projects.

9. Scrum – perfect for system development as also

In opposition to the widespread perspective, Scrum is very good for the development of complex systems and extensive or as the case may be long projects. Especially there the exact planning has got a huge impact and the continuous integration of new functionalities assures that there won’t be a bad awakening in the end. Many production plants work with lean principles and the software development-pendant Scrum creates an optimal synergy.

10. Last but not least – Scrum is fun

Not the assignment of tasks but the collaborative functioning and making decisions as a team is an important part of Scrum. Software development is seen as what it is: A creative and multi-sided activity that can only work properly when everyone takes responsibility.