One-on-One coaching

The essential component

One-on-One coaching sessions

A component or add-on working well with most of our packages, one on one coaching, virtual or in-person, is an essential ingredient to success, support, and accountability.

Who is this for and what other packages does it work with?

Coaching is the ongoing support that facilitates the growth of your capabilities while you are stretching your wings, giving you the power to safely practice and learn, so that you can achieve confidence and sustainable long-term independence. It is especially recommended for leadership in the process of transformation and growing self-awareness, team members in conditions of growing autonomy, novice and experienced coaches, scrum masters, product owners and other agile roles that might need support.

Individual coaching works with your own schedules and is tailored to your own needs. It is especially recommended in combination with other packages:

  • after all training to internalize and apply its results
  • in combination with any assessment
  • when forming a new team or making changes in team structure
  • during cultural and leadership changes in your organization
  • when building organizational strategy or a portfolio

How is coaching delivered?

One-on-one coaching allows you to discover what is important to you and focus on it without the limits of a specific program or learning objectives and grow over time at your own pace.

Coaching is supported by one of our experienced coaches in virtual or in-person sessions starting from an hour. Time between sessions allows you to practice on your own and examine the results in your next coaching session. Your coach will focus their attention on you and let you discover new ways of looking at your challenges and unexpected results, allowing you to unlock the knowledge and capacity you've had inside you all along. Each of your sessions will end with a summary and mutual agreement on the outcomes and the next steps for you and your coach.