Coach the Coach & Train the Trainer Program

What is it?

This program will allow a selected number of candidates to be developed as Agile coaches over a long period of time. The approach will require full immersion both for theory and practice as it is an accelerated approach similar to incubation.

How does the program work?

We are happy to define the best content and timetable together with you. Since all of you have a different level experience, knowledge and work in different environments we create an individual program with and for you.

Possible Coach the Coach program options

Select Candidates

We identify together with you a set of candidates to get started with, and a group of teams which could possibly be converted into agile teams. Ideally having a maximum of 2 candidates for each "agile team" supporting them over a minimum of 4 iterations.

Basic Training

In the initial period of the Coach the Coach program the candidates will be going through some basic trainings (Scrum Master/Team coach, Product Owner...) and will be mentored, supported and audited by agile42 coaches. Each of them will have to develop self-awareness about her own competences, and receive peer review from agile42 coaches.

Initial Evaluation

After the initial 4 iterations, there will be an initial evaluation, and agile42 coaches will suggest the candidates with whom is worth to continue the development.

Advanced Team Coaching Course (ATCC)

The chosen candidates will be supported and incubated using agile42 proven approach to coach development called Advanced Team Coaching Course (ATCC). This will be focusing on 2 days of workshop on Systemic Coaching, to learn techniques about 1:1 coaching, conversation, questioning, challenging, observing...


The candidate will have a practicing period of 4-6 weeks to develop the learned skills and will be receiving peer reviews and feedback at regular intervals of 1-2 weeks. In this period, all candidates will still need to have access to their teams, to practice their newly acquired skills, and will receive from agile42 coaches support and feedback to improve.

Second Evaluation

At the end of the initial practice period, there will be a workshop to allow everyone to share their learning and agile42 coaches will evaluate the developed level of competence and self-awareness of the candidate. Feedback will be provided to focus on continuous development in the coming weeks.

Systemic Coaching

At this point there will be a workshop of 2 days on Systemic coaching, where the candidates will learn techniques and models to coach systems (such as teams, or group of teams...) and will adopt new and more advanced tools to plan and measure their coaching effectiveness.

Improvement Sessions

A period of 4-6 weeks will be following, in which at regular interval 1-2 weeks agile42 coaches will have feedback and improvement sessions with the candidates to support them in the application of the new skills with their own teams, and will provide feedback for improvement.


At the end of the second practice period there will be another workshop to share the results and have every coach share their own experience by creating cases studies for their teams development and sharing them.

Enterprise Coaching

Another 2 days workshop focusing on "Enterprise Coaching" techniques will follow. The main topics will rotate around leadership coaching, organizational design, portfolio management, agile strategy and change management.

Intensive Pairing

A period of 4-6 weeks will follow with intensive pairing between candidates and agile42 coaches on various level of the organization, to make sure they will be up to speed with organizational coaching. During this period there will also be regular feedback sessions, and retrospectives on the pairing and development of the organization.


Please note that at every stage there might be candidates which won't demonstrate a sufficient level of competence to be moving to the next level, and also might be that some of them might drop out because of various personal reasons. For this it is important to start with a large pool of candidates to make sure there will be at least some reaching the last stage.