An agile leadership mindset

Executive Agile Coach, Andrea Tomasini, was invited by “The Product Bakery Podcast” to do a podcast on leadership mindset development.

Empirical process control and understanding people are Andrea’s biggest passions. In this episode, Andrea shares his deep experience and best practices on Agile transitions, the challenges one faces and what companies and leaders can do to better manage uncertainty. Understand what agile is really all about and how to develop and implement an agile mindset in your teams and company.

A fool with a tool is still a fool!

– Andrea Tomasini


Listen to the full interview here:


  • 0:30 – Intro Andrea

  • 08:40 – People over processes & tools

  • 14:45 – ORGANIC agility & understanding people/culture

  • 24:25 – Becoming more agile as a leader

  • 28:31 – Experimenting in safe to fail environments

  • 33:25 – Trust as the basis for change & transformation

  • 42:15 – The 3 focus areas to introduce agility

  • 45:05 – 3 biggest mistakes of leaders

  • 48:25 – Debrief Alex & Christian

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