Enterprise Transition Framework at Etiya


In Early 2015 Etiya – a leading Independent Software Vendor and the fastest growing software company in Turkey – decided to begin the transformation from a Waterfall project management method to an Agile approach with the implementation of two successful pilot teams trained and coached by agile42. When moving forward, agile42 coaches used Enterprise Transition Framework™ (ETF) to enable the organization to implement the Agile principles and values globally, beyond the team’s level.

First, the agile42 coaches led a 2-day assessment and uncovered an objective and independent view of the organization from both top-down and bottom-up perspectives. A transition team consisting of middle level managers from the company was formed and the findings of the assessment were discussed with a larger senior level management team and alignment was achieved in the management team.

After the assessment followed a Strategic Planning phase and the Agile Strategy Map™ was created with the Transition Team and some managers. The Strategy Map is a powerful tool developed by agile42 that helps define possible short-, mid- and long-term improvements.

A picture taken when agile42 coaches facilitating Release Retrospective with Transition Team and Development Teams

As with any major change, there were challenges on the team side and also the management and Transition Team side. While transitioning, the company also needed to continue serving their customers in a rapid and high-quality fashion.

Now, with the help of agile42’s unique empirical approach and trademarked tools, the company has eight self-sufficient agile teams and more teams in the immediate pipeline. By managing work in more Agile way, it continues to increase its delivery speed, increase transparency and collaboration between departments.