Resilient Organizations at Agile Piano Meetup Berlin

Last Thursday, April 26, I spoke at the latest event of the Agile Piano Meetup Berlin, taking place in the former piano factory, where Aperto (an IBM Company) is based, in the heart of Berlin Mitte. It’s a meetup that brings together agile employees from digital agencies and companies from Berlin and Brandenburg.

In this session, I introduced the foundation of ORGANIC Agility by presenting the 5 core principles, and how they have been successfully or not implemented by some well-known organizations. The purpose was to share the approach, experience and collect feedback with a session that was a mixture of sharing, lecturing and interactive small exercises.

The world is changing faster than we think, and most of the changes are driven by technology changes, directly or indirectly affecting macroeconomic. In such an environment what organizations need to survive and possibly outpace their competition, is the capability to adapt very quickly to changes, in more rigorous terms, organizations need to grow more resilient and possibly antifragile. This is the main reason why so many enterprises in the past 5 years have turned towards agility as an opportunity to gain more resilience. While there are well-documented frameworks supporting agile within a development environment, there isn’t much out there that helps an organization to understand how to change, and what to change, in order to become more resilient, as a whole. ORGANIC Agility is a unique approach which combines the values and principles of the agile manifesto, with complexity thinking, and aims at enabling organizations to grow more resilient, and possibly outpace their competition.

Here are the slides and a video of the presentation (unfortunately the beginning got cut).