Scaling Collaboration at Let’s Test South Africa

I am very happy to attend Let’s Test South Africa 2016 and present my workshop Escape the Curse of the Temple – Scaling Collaboration.

I recently attended the Retrospective Facilitators Gathering in Portugal where I met up with a bunch of awesome people who love incorporating board games into their coaching. I, for one, love playing to learn something, and most adults are just big kids who love to play at the drop of a hat.

In fact, it is through the experiential nature of play that adults learn abstract concepts or things that previously was difficult to achieve, but in the game space they were able to get some significant ah-ha moments.


This workshop revolves around teaching participants about team collaboration and how to scale that to external stakeholders using an adventure board game as the centre piece. Teams will be formed and each will have their own board game. There are curses and gems, and the ultimate treasure is the team learning to collaborate to escape the curse of the temple.

There’s adventure and music – the purpose is to show people that either the whole team wins or the whole team loses – there is no winner takes all.

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