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agile42 and Divimove

agile42 + Divimove reference video

agile42's CEO and Founder, Andrea Tomasini, spoke with Tobias Schiwek, the CEO of Divimove, about how Divimove has grown in resilience through agility, with the help of agile42. This discussion has been recorded as a reference video. A fun way to share client experiences and the work that we do!

Divimove, Europes leading digital studio, has recently gone through a major merge, and as a result has had to overcome challenges within the new organization. One of the hurdles was the merging of teams and finding a way of working together. Divimove's aim was not only to grow in numbers, however, also to grow in a coherent way.

The video covers the early days of agile42 & Divimove's collaboration, along with how we helped them visualise their work as well as tools we used to support their transition. Alignment and getting people on the same page was one particular challenge. We found that supporting the new culture and structure became critical, and in the video you will hear in more detail what the outcome of working with agile42 in only 6 months looks like.

Check out the video and listen to the story of Divimove!

Post agile42 Connect

The agile42 Connect - A Series of Fortunate Events was a great success. We had public sessions running from the 27th to the 29th of July, as part of agile42's Innovation Sprint. Usually every year the whole company, including families, gather together for a week of Innovation. Besides working together, creating new things, supporting ongoing work and services, we most importantly - have fun!

This year we were supposed to go to Canada for our Innovation week, however COVID-19 forced us to change tack. We instead went virtual and decided to make some parts of the Innovation Sprint public. We miss not being able to see each other in person, but what can we do?

In this blog post, we will share the Panel discussion with you as well as the other 3 webinars we ran this week.

Help us to help!

This year, we chose a needy charity, Nutrition with Love & Kindness, where those taking part in the #agile42Connect event could donate. This charity converted their venue kitchen business to provide 12000 nutritious meals a month to vulnerable families during this COVID-19 crisis.

Funds raised will enable them to keep providing 12000 meals a month to the local community. Good nutrition improves immunity and creates stronger, healthier, happier humans. With just €8.00 you will feed 1 person for a month.

Please donate and help those in need!

Let's start with the Panel discussion. Through out the week, in the back of our heads, was the thinking around "The NEW NORMAL". What is the new normal? Or is it just the normal? The Panel discussion was about pandemic effects, market changes and what might happen next. The panelists discussed their various challenges, how they've adapted their way of working and insights into how companies can try weather the storm.

We had a great group of panelists - agile42's, Peter Hundermark, was the moderator of the panel, along with guests, Christoph Bornschein from TLGG, Richard Sheridan from Menlo Innovations, Tim Mois from sipgate, Tobias Schiwek from Divimove, Sonja Blignaut from Cognitive Edge and last but not least, Andrea Tomasini from agile42. Below you can watch the recording of the session.


OrgScan Summer Offer

If you want to see how your organization is handling the changes we are facing, the challenges and how work is moving on, you can test your organizational culture with OrgScan Starter summer offer. The summer offer is valid until August 15th 2020.

Tuesday started off with a session in the morning by Bastian Wilhelms, one of the founders of sipgate. At sipgate, Bastian has been driving the change to an all-in agile, decentralized and mission based organization since 2009. He is a Senior Advisor to the Product Leads at sipgate and helps set the vision for success with Scrum as well as sipgate’s overall company strategy.

He gave us very interesting insights into how work has been continuing at sipgate, as well as how to find and establish meaningful metrics for any recurring fee business model. He also delved into story-telling techniques.

Please find the recording of this session below.

Tuesday ended with a session together with Richard Sheridan who gave us a virtual tour of Menlo Innovations. Richard shared Menlo’s history, culture and practices – and how they're rebuilding a joyful culture in our new normal of today. It was nice to be able to take part in the largest (so far!) virtual tour of their company. Some of our agile42 colleagues actually visited Menlo a few years ago, and now we had the chance to hear how Menlo works today.

The stories which Richard shared are something that we all can relate to, and if you missed this session, please find the recording below.

If you want to sign up for a tour, please feel free to contact our friends at Menlo!

Wednesday was the last day of our public webinars. The day started off with a presentation by Yasmin Akay and Lena Natus. Yasmin is the Managing Director of Divimove’s Production and Strategy Studio, Europe’s leading digital studio and home of digital content creators. Lena is a consultant at Divimove, and her role is Company Culture and Organizational Development. She is also an actress. This session was about Human Behaviour consuming entertainment content and interacting with it.

They spoke about Social Media, different platforms, what to think about, how to try out new things, to be human, to breath and to listen to the audience you are trying to target. This session was incredibly valuable to all of us trying to build images of ourselves online, as well as branding our companies.

Have a look at the recording here!

Last but not least, I want to thank everyone that took part in our #agile42Connect event this week. We had many new faces join the webinars along with our valued regulars.

A big thanks to all of our guests, some of whom even took time out from their vacations to join us! It was a pleasure to hear your thoughts and ideas on the "New Normal". As the guests donated their time for free, we really hope that you can make a donation to Nutrition with Love & Kindness!

A big thanks to all at agile42 for the fantastic virtual Innovation Sprint. 2020 will be the Innovation Sprint we will never forget. We're also sure our "fun day" on the 30th July will be just as memorable!

See you next year!