Why your company will in fail in 2020: a ORGANIC agility webinar

By Webinar

I want to thank everyone who attended the webinar about “Why your company will fail in 2020” together with us. We had a very positive feeling afterward, and especially happy for all the good questions you provided us with!

Here you can find the recording of the session, feel free to have a look at it again, sharing it around with friends and colleagues.

When global challenges arise, markets become volatile and change cycles shorter, different companies react in different ways in order to preserve their status and survive these adverse conditions. Unfortunately, driven by high pressure and risk, many organizations revert to what they have been doing in the past, even though there is no guarantee that it will work in the present. Meanwhile, the slow response of decision processes and hierarchies in organizations makes the whole system more vulnerable to sudden change.

In this webinar, we discussed how and why market cycles are getting shorter and posing an ever growing challenge to your organization. We talked about how decision making works and why an organization needs to shift from managing processes and structures to creating the right context for fast and coherent responses to happen. We explained why you need to build an organization that can organically grow and adapt to the challenges of the future.

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