Dennis Büscher

Dennis Büscher

Agile and Design Thinking Coach

“My philosophy is simple: always understand the problem from the user’s point of view first.”

I have a background in law, agility, and putting people first aka human-centered design. With over 7 years of experience as a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Design Thinking and Agile Coach, I have provided support to various companies and organization with a strong focus on human centered product exploration and development. I am a member of Scrum Alliance, ICAgile and Kanban University.


“As an experienced Agile coach, I’m no stranger to Design Thinking, but Dennis has really helped me refine that knowledge and apply it to the benefit of my clients.”

– Daniel M. Lynn –

Agile Coach

“Dennis’ approach to agility and his empathetic nature have greatly influenced my development as a PO. His hands-on approach and his ability to rapidly think of the possible steps to move forward make his coaching a very valuable part of my work in an agile environment. Thank you for the great collaboration!”

– Marius Körber –

Product Owner at BD Rowa

“Dennis is an expert for agile methods. Especially in challenging situations it is always inspiring and valueable talking to him! Thanks for your useful and innovative ideas!”

– Herbert Schmidt –

Agile Coach & Scrum Master


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