Fostering Innovation


Fostering innovation

Leaders need to create an environment where their teams can generate and implement new ideas.

Many of the world’s most successful companies have have one major trait in common: they foster innovation. A team that is empowered to generate and implement new ideas is essential to growth and success. But how do you do it?

How can we help you to foster innovation?

At agile42, our approach combines Agile methodologies with a focus on organizational culture and leadership to create an environment where your teams can generate and implement new ideas effectively. We have helped many organizations increase the flow of innovative ideas, improve decision-making and create a more adaptive, resilient and profitable business.

If you work with us, our experts will guide you through four steps help you foster innovation at your business.

1. Identify your barriers to innovation

Our starting point is always to take a deep dive into the current status of your organizations and teams. We’ll help you understand the factors that are preventing your team from generating and implementing new ideas. Finding these barriers enables

2. Explore the benefits of innovation for your product

We all generally accept that “fostering innovation” is a positive thing. But it is important to drill down and get specific. We need to ask ourselves the question, “How can innovation improve my specific products, offers, and services?” We’ll help you understand the potential benefits, such as improved efficiency, increased revenue, and higher employee engagement.

3. Translate these benefits into value

Once you truly understand the specific benefits innovation can bring to your products and services, you can start to explore how this affects your bottom line and adds value to your customers. This is

4. Open the door to innovation

Armed with the understanding of your products, goals, organizational culture, and specific challenges, you can start to explore what innovation looks like in your specific circumstances. This is different for every company and the individuals within it. Our experts will work closely with your teams and leaders to make the necessary changes that will ultimately open the door to innovation.

5. Differentiate yourself as the preferred provider of this value

Over this process, we’ll help you to create an environment where innovation can thrive. You’ll have a customised solution that aligns with your goals and supports your teams so they can do their best work. This is where it gets exciting: you can watch as new ideas unfold and begin to put you head-and-shoulders above the competition.

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