Food for your soul: the FOODBOOM story

Passion for food and great ideas drove FOODBOOM, a collective of food and social media professionals from Hamburg. And when the time came to confront their strategy and build on their vision, they asked agile42 for a helping hand.

Food for your soul

There is a lot of creativity in FOODBOOM’s teams. They want to change the world, so that food becomes more than a necessary response to hunger and turns into a part of building unique moments. Their customers love what they do, so how could it get any better? Here, our challenge begins. When engaged people want to bring all of their great ideas to life, sometimes we end up with exhausted people who fear they are losing quality. This is what caused FOODBOOM pain, and the organization was not sure what to do about it.

For FOODBOOM’s management it was clear that they all had to work together to find a way to maintain success, making their customers happy but also looking internally, and getting back to having happy people who love coming to work. They brought in agile42, who started with a workshop designed to discover more about organizational culture, issues and possible next steps for creating a supporting structure.

The FOODBOOMers worked together all day and by the evening they had a common understanding of what needed to be changed and how they could change it. Clarity, transparency, and better communication emerged as common needs that they all wanted to address.

The next step started working towards those goals already: a Strategy Map Workshop was held with the leadership, to develop a transparent, adaptive, and validated way for FOODBOOM to move towards its goals. Identifying that shared goal was the first step in the process, followed by recognizing all that is successful in the organization currently, and making hypotheses about what could help bring them closer to their goal in the future. Those hypotheses were then further refined through multiple parallel safe-to-fail experiments, whose success or failure would reveal the best way to move forward.

The agile42 coaches found FOODBOOM a pleasure to work with. From the beginning they sensed the readiness for change and the commitment to take their destiny in their own hands, which are necessary ingredients for success. Staff at all levels wholeheartedly embraced the possibilities of a new way of working and the potential for transparency, collaboration across the company, and a shared vision that the Strategy Map brings.

The coaches are convinced that they have triggered a permanent change. Every single person is again aware that they can count on each other and gain synergy through their diversity. Building on people is key at FOODBOOM and they plan to keep working on the Strategy Map, using experiments to test their direction in regular intervals, so that they can maintain and amplify their current success. Last but not least, the agile42 coaches love good food, and enjoyed every single meal cooked during the workshops…