Agile Embedded Software Development, what’s wrong with it?

We are in 2014 and still someone is challenging the fact that you can’t use an Agile approach to develop embedded systems, why? What’s wrong with embedded software development? Well, there are somethings which makes it harder than needed: Dependencies with hardware releases, fixed delivery dates, inadequate software tools, limited adaptation possibility due to hardware costs… and yes, one more thing, really special: culture!

Agile embedded software development at Ericsson

We would like to focus the keynote we are giving to Embedded Meets Agile 2014 in analyzing some example cases that include the “limitations” listed above and also give you some hints on how to solve them. Finally we will also attack the “culture” issue. This is especially important for companies which grew out of hardware development and do not have a solid culture that include software, and therefore are stuck with waterfall development process and a traditional view on professional barriers for their employees. These companies are usually the ones not understanding that the complexity for years gone away from pure hardware, and landed in integrated product development. Without more focus in increasing quality of the process and the techniques to build – especially mission critical – functionality, the cost of failure are going to be very high, as the amount of bugs exposed to the users will rise and the competition sharpens at the same time.

Updated: watch the full recording of the keynote.

Photo courtesy of Ericsson R&D Italy, used upon permission. Ericsson innovation case will be discussed at the Keynote.