A message from agile42 at time of COVID-19 epidemic

By Don't Panic
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We are reaching out to our community in this trying time to share with you our commitment to minimizing the spread of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus disease”). Your safety and that of your families and ours is our primary concern. We are striving to get the right balance of caution and service to our customers, from coaches to training attendees, and remain committed to providing a safe environment.

agile42 is carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation in all countries of operation by checking reliable and official sources daily. Circumstances vary by location and everyone is facing different challenges, so for every country we are following the local governments’ recommendations instead of applying a single plan.

agile42 has been working remotely for over 12 years and can provide guidance with experience, tools and practices on how to effectively operate remotely. We are aware that the worldwide situation is constantly evolving and we are also aware that business continuity is essential.

It is our intention to ensure the seamless continuity of our business and services at all levels as much as possible. Here is what we are doing to help:

  1. We are going to shift many of our upcoming scheduled classes to virtual classes and we will deliver the best quality we can in an engaging and interactive form.
  2. We will be hosting a series of webinars to share the way we have managed to work remotely. Hopefully, our approach will be of help to you.
  3. We will be offering remote coaching and consulting services to help you keep operating as effectively as possible. We are also looking at new remote product offerings around remote facilitation, leading in these complex times, and other topics. Look out for those!
  4. In regions where there is currently no limitation from health authorities, we might still offer limited in-person training. In those cases, we ask everyone to follow the general guidelines on hygiene and avoiding infection to create an enjoyable and safe training environment for everybody.
  5. We trust you all to be socially responsible. For example, we ask you, if you feel even mild symptoms of a respiratory infection, like fever, throat ache or cough, to please get in touch with us. We will find a way to make it easy for you to stay home and take care of your health and that of others.

We will continue to follow the authorities’ and scientists’ guidelines, as well as be prepared to take additional decisions on an ongoing basis.

While the environment around us is uncertain, we thank you for your patience as we make changes to provide you with the best possible service in light of these challenging times. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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