How we organize the Scrumtisch

Some information on what you can expect when visiting the Berlin Scrumtisch.
  1. Finding the topics
    Of course, we appreciate proposals upfront for the upcoming Scrumtisch, but mostly people are busy and therefore we collect wishes and questions at the beginning of the event. We write these questions on the “wall” and after we prioritize them. We can make use of an electrostatic whiteboard, and a projector, so if you want to prepare something, you are really welcome, just post your idea into the Scrumtisch website
  2. Timeboxed discussion
    The 2 highest prioritized “Topics” will be discussed. The others are ending up in a backlog for the next Scrumtisch. We focus on each of the 2 topics for 30 min. One of the group is moderating the discussion and takes notes, ideas and hints on the wall. Someone should also take care of writing things down and posting them on the Blog, but unfortunately not always happen… we can improve this 🙂
  3. Open talks and good food
    After the “official” part of the Scrumtisch we are just sitting together, talking in small groups about the topics or other issues, and enjoying very nice italian food & drinks.

So everybody is welcome to join the scrumtisch, share experiences and lear new things.

Keep it lean and agile 🙂