Meet us at Scrum Gathering Minneapolis

Springtime is here, this means it’s time for a Global Scrum Gathering in North America! The event organized by the Scrum Alliance this year lands in Minneapolis, Minnesota, starting Monday, April 16th. The Global Scrum Gathering® Minneapolis 2018 has a rich program, featuring talks by agile42 coaches.

On Monday 16 at 2:30 pm Dave Sharrock will present Epic Budgeting (Or, How Agile Teams Hit Deadlines), a 75-minute intermediate workshop: Epic budgeting allows the Product Owner to steer a product across the line, delivering the expected scope on time by managing scope creep or an unsustainable focus on the perfect over the pragmatic.

On Wednesday 18 at 2:45 pm Melissa Boggs will present Agile Lighthouse: Building Culture That Can Save Your Agile Transformation, a 45-minute talk on Organizational Transformation: use Mission, Vision, and Values to build a healthy Agile culture you can lean into when the tide rolls.

Again on Wednesday 18 at 2:45 pm Daniel Lynn and Lukas Klose will present Agile Engineering Practices Refresher, a session to bring participants up to speed on the basics of seven engineering practices in line with new CSM and ASSM learning objectives

Looking forward to meeting you at the Gathering.