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Swedbank success story: making employees happier

During 2018-2019, agile42 has supported Swedbank IT Delivery in Sweden and the Baltics throughout their agile transition: a very interesting and fun project mainly because of the incredibly open and collaborative human beings the coaches have met throughout the journey and the extraordinarily committed leaders we had the pleasure to support. We at agile42 are very proud of what Swedbank has been doing and has achieved.

No real change will happen without any challenges or hiccups. That was true also for Swedbank. If the change is to be successful and sustainable, it must grow organically within the organization. A true agile transition can be effective only if we are able to create a proper mindset in the organization.

In the end, the greatest achievement of this transformation has been the creation of a collaborative culture within the whole bank.

Check the full success story and download the Case Study PDF